Contract Sales Services

Travel & Hospitality Companies Look to Sell To Please Inc When:

  • Seeking to develop multiple sources of new business revenues from multiple market sectors.
  • Under significant pressure to find a way to increase their company exposure and revenues without the expense or legal burden of hiring a full-time sales employee.
  • There is a high demand to increase their company’s new business revenues.
  • They’re searching for a sales solution combining new direct business with professionalism and integrity.
  • Require a professional local sales presence in Canada.
  • Need to develop distribution channels that provide a steady flow of new business revenues through out the calendar year.

What is Sell To Please Inc Offering?

  • First class programs to secure direct business
  • Multiple Distribution Channels
  • Product Training

We provide true integrated sales solutions for B2B companies looking to secure new business from specific market sectors of Canada. Sell To Please services include: first class sales programs to secure direct business, development of multiple distribution channels, account management, product training and local brand awareness through industry events.

Why B2B Companies Work with Us?

  • We can work with you on a contract or project (Pay-as-you-go) basis. Utilizing your sales and marketing budget effectively when trying to secure new business revenues is of key importance. We provide our clients with the option to work on a long term contract or project basis (pay-as-you-go) to ensure positive results and provide the highest return to your organization.
  • We specialize in niche high yield sales. Our sales efforts are not geared towards the mass market. We specialize in developing your company’s presence in specific high yield markets that your organization is trying to develop.
  • We are not a representation company but an extension of your sales force. Our clients choose to work with us since we develop and secure new sales using a direct sales model. Representative companies “represent” multiple clients in one geographic area including your competitors. With our monthly retainer contract we will work on an EXCLUSIVE basis for your organization.
  • Bottom Line. We provide the best solution for any business to business (B2B) company looking to secure new business revenues to their organization on a cost effective basis.

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