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June 6, 2013

About Us


As a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the travel & hospitality sector, Sell To Please Inc believes the best way to improve operations, guest experience and sales interactions is to learn more about how your target customer wishes to buy. Hotels, Tour Operators and Travel Organizations have valuable customer data available to them through their own in-house reporting systems as well as a multitude of public data sources that are often free of charge.

The problem many operations face is that they are not leveraging the use of Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Revenue Management to “accurately profile” how their target customer wishes to “buy”. In today’s economy, the forward thinking operation that leverages customer data and creates sales and operational processes that are based on those key customer facts will have better client engagement and a targeted sales approach in the marketplace that easily separates themselves from competitors. The benefit to be gained is a shorter sales cycle, increased guest satisfaction and the development of multiple revenue streams.

Our Travel & Hospitality Clients benefit from how we use Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Revenue Management to create valid and effective sales and operation processes based on facts. The use of Revenue Management tools, Data Analytics and the success of implementing the Sell To Please Sales Process© with independent operations, national chains and global brands in North America, Europe and Mexico is proof to why our firm is a valuable resource for finding a more efficient and productive way to increase sales and profit.


Some of our stellar accomplishments are:

  • A leader in hotel management solutions such as Resort / Hotel General Managers hired on a contract basis.
  • The Sell To Please Sales Process©. A sales process so effective it is copyright protected. Our client base upon implementation of our sales process usually see a minimum increase of 7% in new business results within 6 months.
  • Customized sales and operations solutions specific to the travel & hospitality sector for global brands, national chains and independent operations.
  • The use of Revenue Management tools and data resources (Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, etc) to create sales processes for generating profitable growth.

Sell To Please Inc is not for everyone; Only if you’re 100% committed to increasing sales, differentiating yourself in the marketplace and growing your business.  


Our Consulting Division: We work with you focusing on Operations & Revenue Optimization to lift your company’s capability to increase sales, service and guest experience across your entire operation.

Our Sales Training Division: We specialize in the sales training of Hotels, Tour Operators, Airlines and Travel Organizations in our copyright protected sales process (The Sell To Please Sales Process ©). Independent operations through to Fortune 500 organizations have benefited greatly from learning and implementing our proven sales process to secure new business revenues.

Our Contract Hospitality Executive Service Division: Our clients increase their revenues through better use of their sales & operation budget. Using our contract Hospitality Executive service, they are able to have a proven senior hospitality executive manage their operation on a local and direct basis without the expense or burden of hiring a full-time sales employee.

Our global head office is located in Toronto, Canada and our European head office is located in London, UK.

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