About Us


In order to achieve true sales success and freedom for themselves and their families, Sell To Please Inc urges our clients and followers to ensure that each interaction with a Buyer for your goods and/or services is conducted in a professional and ethical manner. It is the duty of each Sales Professional and Business Owner to rise above out-dated sales manipulation techniques and complete each sale from a Buyer’s perspective. The benefit to be gained is a shorter sales cycle and the development of multiple recurring revenue streams.

Clients enjoy and respect our company’s straight-shooting viewpoints on sales being a buyer-focused interaction. The success of implementing the Sell To Please Sales Process© within multiple market sectors, industries and countries is proof to why sales professionals and business owners look to Sell To Please Inc as a valuable resource for finding a more efficient and productive way to represent their company’s products and services.


Some of our stellar accomplishments are:

  • The Sell To Please Sales Process©. A sales process so effective it is copyright protected. Our client base upon implementation of our sales process usually see a minimum increase of 7% in new business results within 6 months.
  • Customized sales training programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success-minded individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • Our Managing Director for Canada who captivates and motivates audiences with his engaging, entertaining and informative speaking style.
  • Our practical insights on sales, marketing, branding and pricing.

Our organization and the Sell To Please Sales Process© is not for everyone; Only if you’re 100% committed to increasing sales, differentiating yourself in the marketplace and growing your business.  


Our Sales Training Division: We specialize in the sales training of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) organizations in our copyright protected sales process (The Sell To Please Sales Process ©). Independent businesses through to Fortune 500 organizations have benefited greatly from learning and implementing our proven sales process to secure new business revenues.

Our Consulting and Sales Coaching Division: We work with you to lift your company’s capability to increase sales and reduce the cost of selling across the whole sales force or specific sales function.

Our Contract Sales Service Division: Our clients increase their revenues through better use of their sales & marketing budget. Using our contract sales service, they are able to secure new business revenues on a local and direct basis without the expense or burden of hiring a full-time sales employee.

Our global head office is located in Toronto, Canada and our European head office is located in London, UK.